About us

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WTP Agri is a subsidiary of WTP Group established in 2016 with the mission of 'Exporting processed fruits from Vietnam to the world.' Our strength lies in being the most reliable investor and business partner with the top 10 leading fruit processing and exporting factories in Vietnam.

The ecosystem of WTP Group's subsidiary companies provides solutions that help our factories sustainably develop in business operations, raw material management capacity, quality standards, finance, accounting, tax, human resources, and in providing capital sources and investment cooperation plans to expand production scale to meet the processing and export needs of leading global partners.

About us



Do not hesitate to reach out to us for further insight and exploration into how we may contribute to the sustainable development of your enterprise. Contact us by filling out the contact form which you can find on this page. Either get in touch with our team at agri.crm@wtp.vn or give us a call on (+84)971 279 099. And remember we can also provide tailored service if you need it.