The launch of new flavored dried fruit is a key trend in the dried fruit market

In recent years, the dried fruit market has witnessed robust growth, projected to reach $9.50 billion by 2025 with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7.8%. Notably, the market has been marked by innovation, introducing a variety of new dried fruit flavors with unique and enticing profiles. This not only signifies a significant trend but also garners substantial attention from consumers and businesses in the food and beverage industry. Please join WTP Agri at the end of the article to better understand this emerging trend!

Dried mango with chili salt

Popular New Flavors in Dried Fruit

Presently, dried fruit products with new flavors have taken the spotlight, capturing the curiosity of modern consumers. Notable examples include:

  • Chocolate-Coated Dried Fruit: A sweet and aromatic delight, particularly beloved by children.
  • Caramel-Coated Dried Fruit: Boasting a sweet and creamy flavor, ideal for pairing with tea or coffee.
  • Salted Dried Fruit: Offering a unique sweet and savory blend, perfect for snacking.

Additionally, manufacturers are actively researching and developing more exotic flavors, such as spice-infused dried fruit, those coated with various nuts, or infused with herbal blends.

Why New Flavors Dominate the Dried Fruit Market

The introduction of new flavors into the dried fruit market translates into an expanded array of choices for consumers. Presently, consumers, especially the younger demographic, seek novel and unique experiences beyond traditional flavors. Therefore, the introduction of new flavors not only caters to customer preferences but also fosters diversity within the market.

Besides, businesses recognize that innovation in flavor is not only a means of differentiation but also an opportunity to strengthen their brand and expand market share. Product innovation is the key to staying competitive, and new flavors play a decisive role in attracting and retaining customers. For instance, in April 2019, Traina, a US - based dried fruit producer, launched two new flavors, Natural Cherry, and Summer Blend for the summer season. These new flavors not only provided a fresh and delicious experience for consumers but also enriched their nutritional intake with antioxidants from the fruits.

Finally, it cannot be ignored that new flavors play an important role in increasing the value of the product. A product with a unique flavor, never seen before on the market, not only creates an outstanding feature but also enhances its value, creating more favorable conditions for attracting customers. attention and concern from consumers.

Chocolate-covered drying wire

The Potential of New Flavors in the Dried Fruit Market

New flavors in dried fruit represent not just a short-term trend but also hold long-term potential for the market. Reports suggest that dried fruit with unique flavors are progressively gaining a larger market share, presenting both challenges and opportunities for businesses.

The combination of traditional and modern flavors has created a rich and appealing experience for consumers. Studies indicate that new flavors not only enhance consumption but also drive creativity in using dried fruit in cooking, baking, beverages, and more.

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Furthermore, these new flavors open up new export opportunities for food businesses, especially in tropical countries looking to access the global market. With fruit that cannot be grown in temperate regions, dried tropical fruit flavors become attractive, especially in markets like the US. Now is the ideal time to seize these opportunities and attract international customers, making the choice of reputable, experienced suppliers crucial for success.

Caramel dried bananas

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Vietnam Possesses Much Potential for Exporting Dried Fruit in This Emerging Trend

Dried durian factory in Vietnam

According to a ReportLinker report, Vietnam's dried fruit exports are expected to reach $240 million by 2026, a 3.7% increase from $192 million in 2021. Major export markets include the US, China, and Europe. With the current trend of new flavors in dried fruits, Vietnam is poised for significant growth due to:

  • Abundance of fresh and diverse fruit sources: With numerous tropical and subtropical fruits like mangoes, pineapples, bananas, durians, lychees,.. Vietnam provides favorable conditions for developing new flavored dried fruit.
  • Modern processing facilities: Years of experience in dried fruit processing, coupled with state-of-the-art facilities, ensure the production of high-quality products with unique and distinctive flavors, retaining the natural sweetness of the fruits
  • Government support and trade agreements: The Vietnamese government's focus on promoting processed fruit products has led to various support programs, including subsidies, loans, and training. Additionally, Vietnam actively participates in Free Trade Agreements (FTA), resulting in reduced tariffs and non-tariff barriers, expanding the consumer market.

WTP Agri, boasting over 350,000 hectares of cultivation and a network of 20 processing plants nationwide, takes pride in being a premier partner in the dried fruit industry. Our extensive scale not only allows us to grasp new flavor trends but also ensures top-tier quality. If you are seeking a reliable supplier of new flavor dried fruit in Vietnam to embark on the journey of conquering these emerging trends, WTP Agri is your most dependable choice.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us for further insight and exploration into how we may contribute to the sustainable development of your enterprise. Contact us by filling out the contact form which you can find on this page. Either get in touch with our team at or give us a call on (+84)971 279 099. And remember we can also provide tailored service if you need it.

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