The Secrets of Aseptic Juice Concentrate Production in Vietnam

The juice concentrate production industry in Vietnam is thriving and widely exported globally. One of the crucial factors behind this success is the aseptic process in production. In this article, let's explore the secrets behind the process of producing juice concentrate with WTP Agri, gaining a deeper understanding of how this product is made with high-quality and purity.

Purpose of processing juice concentrate

Purpose of processing juice concentrate

While fresh fruits provide excellent flavors, they can only maintain freshness for about two to three days. In contrast, juice concentrate not only extends the preservation time to several months or even a year but also preserves the delicate flavor of the fruit throughout that period.

Especially in the context of surplus fruits during the harvest season, concentrated fruit juice emerges as an effective solution to address this issue. This not only helps reduce raw material waste but also optimizes the use of fruits, contributing to economic efficiency in both domestic and export markets.

Furthermore, this product not only contributes to diversifying food options but also provides more choices for consumers, offering convenience and time-saving in modern life.

Juice concentrate production process


  • Reception and cleaning of raw materials:

The production line begins by sorting and selecting fruits that meet the ripest and freshest standards. The cleaning process is carried out through a water treatment system with reverse osmosis (RO) circulating filters, removing impurities while maintaining the freshness and quality of the fruit material. Additionally, water conditions are strictly controlled according to the Ministry of Health standards - hardness not exceeding 2 mg/l, residual chlorine in wash water from 3-5 mg/l, ensuring safety and health for consumers.

  • Fruit pressing and grinding:

The fruit pressing and grinding process is not just a simple step but a meticulous care process, including peeling, slicing, grinding machines, and centrifugal twisting. Modern technological machinery systems help recover juice with the highest rate, ranging from 75% to 90% of the separated product, preserving the purest flavor of the fruit.

  • Filter fruit essence:

After the fruits are ground, the flesh fruit is evenly distributed in the juice with a standard ratio of 7-11%. An automated grinding system ensures tight control of temperature, product, and flavor, creating the highest quality juice formula.

  • Pasteurization and disinfection:

Aseptic technology is an indispensable step in the concentrated juice production process. The finished juice product will be completely pasteurized to bring the best quality product to customers.

One of the most popular aseptic technologies today is high temperature and short time sterilization (HTST). This is the process of raising the temperature of the concentrated juice to about 90-95°C for a short period of time about 15-30 seconds, then quickly cooling it to about 4°C. Another aseptic technology being applied by many Vietnamese businesses is high pressure sterilization (HPP). This is the process of applying a pressure force of up to 600 MPa to concentrated juice that has been packaged in flexible, air-permeable packaging. This process helps destroy harmful microorganisms, while not changing the temperature, color, flavor and nutrition of juice concentrate.

  • Packing:

Finally, after these meticulous steps, the condensed fruit juice is transferred to a quantified bottling machine. Here, the product is poured into bottles with predetermined volume specifications before moving on to the automatic lid-sealing machine.

Reputable juice concentrate supplier

WTP Agri owns more than 10 leading fruit processing and export factories in Vietnam. Our products adhere to international standards such as IFS, BRC FOOD, HALAL, FSSC 22000. Furthermore, we provide packaging processing services with a modern factory scale, advanced technology, and a professional workforce, ensuring high efficiency and quality in all packaging processes.

With a modern and high-quality production process, the juice concentrate industry in Vietnam is demonstrating strength and potential, bringing the delicious taste of this country to the global stage. If you are seeking a reliable partner in the processed fruit market, contact WTP Agri.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us for further insight and exploration into how we may contribute to the sustainable development of your enterprise. Contact us by filling out the contact form which you can find on this page. Either get in touch with our team at or give us a call on (+84)971 279 099. And remember we can also provide tailored service if you need it.

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